5 Quotes for a Romantic Jane Austen Inspired Marriage Proposal

Quotes for your proposal

So, you've decided to pop the question? That's awesome! Is your true love a fan of Jane Austen? Even better.

You cannot propose to the Austen-fan in your life without including some words of that great author. There is no better source for your proposal than a line from Jane Austen's famous novels that have made hearts beat faster for hundreds of years. We've selected five of our favorite quotes that may just convince your true love to say [scream/squeal] YES!!!!

Simple and to the point, yet crazy romantic, Mr. Knightly uses these words to finally propose to Emma in the novel of that name. This quote can add some romance to your proposal without an over-the-top speech. Just right for proposing to that special person who has been your friend for years, with whom you've just realized you're really in love.

This quote is perfect for proposing to your high school sweetheart at your thirty year class reunion, when you finally admit you've been in love with them forever. In Jane Austen's novel Persuasion, Captain Frederick Wentworth writes these words to Anne Eliot after many years of silence and separation.

Has something been preventing you and your true love from being together? Whether it was a previous fiancĂ©, a secret wife, or a meddling parent, once you're at liberty to speak of course you want to propose right away. This quote from Sense and Sensibility may provide just the smooth segue you need to express your newfound freedom and longstanding passion. 

A fantastic quote from Emma, that works well when you're tongue tied. Just keep this one on the back burner for when you can't quite get the rest of your words out perfectly. Totally lead with this and you're bound to buy yourself a bit of breathing room for the rest of your proposal. 

For the true Jane Austen fan in your life, this quote will be immediately recognizable from the classic Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy says this to Elizabeth when he proposes to her for the first time (unfortunately she rejects him because she hasn't yet seen his awesome house). Save this one for a surprise proposal when your love has no idea that you're even interested, let alone proposing against your better judgment. Keep this one bookmarked for those rom-comesque love/hate fast-paced relationships in your life.