7 Great Quotes From Pride and Prejudice

Quotes from Pride and Prejudice

Arguably on of the greatest books of all time, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has been a favorite of readers around the world for hundreds of years. The novel has inspired countless books and movies, including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies [which we're totally seeing opening night].  

Contained within Pride and Prejudice are some great insights into human nature and the way that people relate to one another. Here are seven of our favorites.

The famous opening lines of Pride and Prejudice set the novel's ongoing tone of wry humor. Of course it is assumed that any man who is a fiscally attractive mate must want a wife. 

When you are anngry it is always hard to step back and make calm, informed decisions. Austen's words of wisdom ring true for all of us even today, so next time you're upset take a step back from the situation before making any rash decisions.

The world was here before us, and it will be long after we're gone. As Pride and Prejudice's protagonist Elizabeth Bennet takes in the gorgeous scenery of Derbyshire, she realizes that even though she has suffered some disappointment in Wickham he is not important compared to the beauty of nature with which she is surrounded. Whenever you feel down, do as Elizabeth does and go for a walk!

Mrs. Bennet, constantly complaining and deriving satisfaction from her inflated victimhood, utters these words. Austen is mocking the tendency of some people to over complain in this sentence, but it is also true that if you don't communicate what you're experiencing no one will be able to relate to you. Find the balance, and don't be like Mrs. Bennet.

Mr. Bennet, on the other-hand is a wry dilettante, who is happy to sit back an observe life. Many of the themes in Pride and Prejudice revolve around human follies and interactions, so his words perfectly embody the sense that each of us goes through life laughing at other people, while they laugh at us.

Inevitably, every time your best friend gets a new boyfriend she drops off the map entirely for a few weeks. Austen recognized that when you're in love you tend to forget everything going on around you, and behave in a very self-centered manner.

More easily said than done, Mr. Bennet tells Elizabeth to only think of those parts of the past that are pleasant memories and forget the rest. This is something we can all inspire to, but may not easily achieve.