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About the Writer

Foto von 1854, befindet sich im Haworth Bronte Museum
1816 - 1855

Charlotte Brontë was an English novelist and poet, who also published under the name Currer Bell. Charlotte, and her two famous literary sisters Emily and Charlotte, lived in Yorkshire. After the success of Jane Eyre Bronte revealed her identity to London society and developed friendships with other prominent literary figures of the day including Elizabeth Gaskell.

About the Book

Although this novel was published posthumously, it was actually Brontë's first novel. The book follows protagonist William Crimsworth as he grows up and becomes a professor at an all-girls school, becoming involved in a complicated love situation. Like Jane Eyre and Villette, the narritive is recounted in Brontë's classic first person style and is loosely based on her own expereinces as a student in Brussels. Much of the material from this novel was later reworked into Brontë's last novel, Villette.

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